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I'm a 3D Artist and Animation Director, specializing in the conceptualization and direction for motion graphics.
For collaborations, bookings, project inquiries or anything else, please
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commercial work

Be who you are

I had the pleasure of collaborating with True Color Films and directors Max Channan and Andrea Todaro on a creative project for Oakley. My responsibilities included design and 3D animations, where I created all the style frames and several simulations. It was an exciting project, and I am very proud of the outcome.

Production: @truecolorfilms
Creative Director: @m_ccreative
Directors: @todarock and @m_ccreative
VFX supervisor: @yan_hirschbuehl
Animation: Groba, Yan Hirschbuehl, Genera.Live


commercial work

Enabling communities to collaborate together

At Santos Dilone, NY, I undertook an additional project that involved the development of a beautiful concept for Apiary. The company assists communities in establishing more effective systems for collaborative decision-making, facilitating collaboration, innovation, and overall development.

The concept here draws a parallel with bee-related terminology, symbolizing the pinnacle of social organization within a species. The core of this concept revolves around the migration of numerous honeybees from a hive, symbolizing their initiative to establish a new colony in a different location.

For the visual aesthetics, a specific colour palette was chosen. These visuals were meticulously composed using a combination of ultraviolet (UV), green (G), and blue (B) elements to replicate bee vision and serve as an inspirational basis for our colour palette.


commercial work

Solus GT

I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate on a project to unveil McLaren's groundbreaking Solus GT, their first-ever single-seater, closed-cockpit, track-only car. This remarkable vehicle originated in 2011 and gained recognition in the Gran Turismo Sony PlayStation game in 2017. McLaren's launch of the Solus GT makes history as the first car manufacturer to bring a virtual track car to life as a full production vehicle.

The launch campaign was all about merging the physical and virtual realms. To enhance the car's presence, I designed dunes that mimic the curves of the new vehicle. This added an elegant and sophisticated touch, perfectly complementing the car's aggressive style. It's been an incredible journey bringing this innovative concept to life!


personal work


PIXO is a project I came up with during the pandemic while I was in London far away from Brazil, my home country, where Jair Bolsonaro was the president. Unfortunately, because of his actions, Brazil suffered greatly from his mismanagement of the pandemic. Bolsonaro (Bozo) downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19, refusing to promote masks and vaccines, and even likening the virus to a minor flu.

Inspired by this challenging situation, I created a video featuring people wearing masks overlaid with neon sketches, reflecting a range of emotions from happiness to anxiety and sadness. In Brazil, one common way to express dissent against authorities is through graffiti, known as PIXO. This is why I created a character writing "Bolsonaro Genocide" on a wall—it was my way of expressing frustration and highlighting the absurdity of his leadership.

I want to express my gratitude to my dear friend Buam (@turntablism_ART), an art director and talented Scratch DJ, as well as the beatmaker @djeanrebeldia, who collaborated to create the perfect track for this piece. If you enjoyed the video, please share it and help spread the message:


commercial work

Adidas Triple Black Collection

I was invited by @woodworkamsterdam to create some style frames and animations for the new film of the Adidas Triple Black Collection. We used the solar eclipse as our main catalyst, envisioning a film that is driven by the concept of 'Dark Mode Enabled'.

Thanks to the team at WoodWork and studio-A for the great opportunity and creative ride.


commercial work


Back in 2022, Gustavo Karam from Final Frontier roped me into something cool. They asked me to breathe life into a character for an electrifying project.
WAVE was born – my inaugural DJMetaverse creation. If you're curious to listen to WAVE's tunes, just head over to @___listentowave.

“ I am a Metaverse DJ Electronic Music.
Your world is my metaverse.”


commercial work

The Fabric of the open metaverse

Lamina 1 is at the heart of the open metaverse, providing builders and creators with a practical platform to build a better digital future. During this journey, I've had the pleasure of creating imaginative characters, each representing individuals with brilliant ideas and endeavours. Always looking ahead, always pushing for progress.


commercial work

Adidas Confirmed

I was invited by JAM3 Amsterdam to work on an exciting project for Adidas Originals. Adidas Confirmed is the brand's app for releasing exclusive products and the best place to get your hands on Adidas high-heat collabs and drops.

My work was to develop art direction, style frames and animations to communicate new drops and the line up with partners such as Pharrell Williams, Jeremy Scott and Kerwin Frost.
It was a great experience to work with the JAM3 team and together create several visuals with different styles, all of those wrapped in the 80's vibe.


commercial work

*Arif Murakami

Å drukne en fisk

I had the awesome opportunity to team up with Arif and his squad (shout out to Bielke&Yang and NoraCollective!) to craft the artwork for his latest album.
What's really cool is that Arif and the crew trusted me entirely to run wild with the brief.  Working with such a talented artist like Arif has been an absolute joy.



I truly believe in the synergy of creativity, technology, and our connection with nature.

Born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, my deep love for Brazilian culture and traditions has profoundly influenced my work and style. With years of experience in the field,
I specialize in concepts and direction for motion graphics, combining procedural patterns, hyperreal textures, botanical and tribal elements, and human bodies to create a unique and highly personal visual universe.

I am dedicated to exploring the limitless creative possibilities that arise at the intersection of art, technology, and design. Notable clients in my portfolio include Adidas, Oakley, NIKE, McLaren, Samsung, Puma, Magic Leap, Johnnie Walker, Rag & Bone, Off-White, and Bobbi Brown, among others.

Take a look at my Reel, both personal and commercial work.

For collaboration opportunities, bookings, project inquiries, talks, or any other matter, please feel free to reach out to me at hi@groba.studio.